It’s Water Quality Month: Test Your Knowledge on Water Softeners and Win A Prize For The Best Photo Submitted!

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Hard Water, Smelly Water, Bad Tasting Water, Scaly Water.   Does any of this sound familiar? Every city near Phoenix Arizona is ranked nationally as having the hardest water in the country.  Water Quality Reports show hard to very hard readings throughout Maricopa County.  Here are a few city’s water hardness reports:

According to the US Geological Survey water hardness classifies anything over 7 gr/gal as hard water and over 10.5 is very hard water. Water softeners and other treatment systems are important for our health and to extend the life of our home’s plumbing system.  Our experience is that most homes in the valley test at 15 gr or higher.   

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Test your knowledge:

  1. If I have a water softener, I’m protected?    T  or   F
  2. If I’m OK with having hard water, there is no reason to have water treatment?   T  or  F
  3. If I have a water softener, I’m protected from the Chlorine our cities add?   T  or  F
  4. If I have a drinking water filter, nothing more is really needed? T or F

If you answered True to any of the above questions, let me explain why False may be the correct answer in your home.

  1. Congratulations on having a softener, but more importantly, how do you know it is working correctly to reduce the hardness of the water regularly?  Water hardness should be tested regularly with proper testing supplies to be sure it is always working properly.  The system should be the correct size for your home.and not every system fits every home.  If your softener is  mis-matched for your home, although it seems to be working, you could be wasting a lot of water, energy and the money.
  2. Having hard water is more trouble for you and your investment than you may be aware of.  It is not just a personal preference choice to have water treatment when you live in the Phoenix area.  One of your biggest investments in life is your home, which includes faucets, shower doors, pipes, a dishwasher and other important appliances, etc. Hard water will make all these items wear out much faster, cause them to work harder, possibly use more energy and force you to spend more money on cleaning and soap products. With a water softener you won’t have to work as hard trying to keep your home clean and faucets working properly.
  3. Having a water softener sized right and working properly, will NOT protect you and your family from the high levels of chlorine in the city water.  It takes something else called a whole house filter installed correctly to remove the chlorine in your water.  According to the Water Quality Association Press Release Dated May 17, 2010 says “Home water treatment is a proven final barrier against many harmful chemicals.” Untreated water is known to cause cancer, allergies, eczema, breathing concerns, and many other health issues.
  4. Having a drinking water filter, is great, but it will not protect your pipes and fixtures from deteriorating quickly.

As fully trained plumbers we know your home plumbing system and your water treatment best, this includes what you can’t see and what you can.  It is a full system with many items attached together that makes everything work optimally.  Over the last 25 years we have personally witnessed home repairs that wouldn’t have occurred with a proper water treatment system installed.  We are here to protect your investment with our fully trained experts in water treatment, we help you just as we would want our own mother serviced.  Who else would you want to get advise from?

Are you looking for a TRUE GREEN WATER DESCALER, to help with the white calcium deposits on your fixtures and pool?  We recommend EASYWATER, no salt used, no discharge of water and it can also work with water softeners to increase their life too.

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