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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Leaky Faucet

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A leaking faucet can be annoying, especially if you can hear the constant drip when you’re trying to sleep. The more you try to ignore it, the harder it is! But for some, out of sight means out of mind. Here’s why you should take care of a leaky faucet as soon as you notice the problem and leave it to the plumbing professionals like our plumber experts.

Lost Water and Pests

A single leak can mean a lot of wasted water. At the rate of one drop every 20 seconds, you’ll lose a liter of water a day. It’s like letting money pour through your faucet and down the drain! A neglected leak can also draw pests to the site. Ants, roaches, certain termites and other pests are known to head inside in search of hydration. Ignoring a leak can result in both a higher water bill and a bill for pest control services.

Other Costs From Plumbing Leaks

Even small leaks can cause mildew or even mold if not caught in time. Mold spores can develop in a matter of days and become visible within weeks. Mold can cause serious health issues ranging from runny nose and other typical allergy symptoms to asthma attacks and infections. In addition to mold, water leaks can ruin items under your sink. And if you store toilet paper rolls, boxes of toiletries or other paper and cardboard items beneath the sink, you may have to replace them as well.

Dripping faucets may not seem like a huge problem, but they certainly can cause damage to your budget. From lost water to mold in your home, this household issue goes way beyond an annoying drip. If you’re in Phoenix, AZ, or another local community in the Valley, get in touch with our team at Benjamin Franklin, the Punctual Plumber. Save money and a lot of hassle by nipping this common issue in the bud; contact us before your small leak becomes a major problem. We offer emergency service for all your plumbing issues.