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Learn How Water Treatment Services Can Help the Hard Water Issues in Arizona

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If you’ve noticed your water tastes funny or your clothes don’t seem to get clean, it’s the hard water to blame in Phoenix, Arizona. Hard water contains high levels of magnesium and calcium which are both naturally occurring in the water supply. Hard water can be tough on your home and beauty routine due to the minerals in the liquid.

Why Does Phoenix, AZ Have Hard Water?

We know it may seem strange for a city in the desert to have hard water, but most of our water is supplied by the Colorado River and ground aquifers. The aquifers are deeply rooted in the earth, and that’s where most of the excess calcium and magnesium come from. With only about seven inches of rain per year in Phoenix, the city must rely on alternate sources for drinking water.

The Problem With Hard Water

Since hard water contains a large concentration of minerals, it can be tough on your appliances and lower the lifespan of your washing machine, water heater and dishwasher. The appliances have to work harder over time, and the hard water creates mineral buildup in your machinery. When it comes to soap and shampoo, it’s difficult to build up a good lather with hard water. Your skin and hair may look dull, and you may even develop skin rashes.

Is It Safe To Drink?

The levels of magnesium and calcium in the Phoenix area won’t harm you, but they may make your water taste unpleasant. You may notice your water has a strange smell and cloudy appearance too. It’s hard to drink enough water every day when it’s not crystal clear.

Water Treatment Solutions For Your Home

Our professional Phoenix plumbers can help you with your hard water problem by installing a variety of water treatment systems customized to suit your needs. We’re experienced with water softening systems that will break up the offending minerals and give you the soft water you need.

When you’re ready for a better water supply, contact us for prompt and efficient water treatment service today.