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Toilet Repair Tips

Love Your Toilet Again


I get a call like this almost every week: “I love my new toilet! I wish I would have replaced it years ago!” I want you to feel the same way.

The average American uses the restroom six to eight times per day. Most homeowners don’t realize the impact an older or under-performing toilet has on their daily life until they get one that truly works well.

So how do you know when your toilet needs to be replaced?

Toilets don’t come with an expiration date. Instead you have to ask yourself how often the toilet is being used and how it is performing.

Here are four things to look for as signs that it’s time to replace your toilet.

  1. You have to give family members and houseguests special instructions on how to flush the toilet to insure that the bowl is cleared.
  2. The inside parts have worn out and the underside of the rim on the inside of the bowl has buildup that cannot be cleaned off. Yes, this buildup does affect flushing.
  3. You know it’s time to put some money into repairing your toilet but you have to admit that it’s never flushed the way you wanted it to. Rather than pouring more money into something you’ve never liked, consider investing in a new toilet you can actually enjoy.
  4. Your toilet’s aesthetics are diminishing. Don’t settle for less than a toilet that cleans itself well, looks nice and most of all performs properly every time it’s flushed.

Despite the common belief that “A toilet is a toilet,” the truth is that toilets are not all created equally.

When it comes time to replace your toilet, don’t make your decision based solely on the price tag. Assess your needs and wants and choose a toilet that will last a long time and function properly for your family and loved ones.