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Mesa AZ Plumber Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Short list of water heater tips from Mesa AZ Plumber

Benjamin Franklin plumbing is the best Mesa Az Plumber.  In our effort to serve the community we’d like to give a few water heater maintenance tips.  These tips should help extend the life of your water heater and keep it running properly.  Notice the Ben Franklin Society as well.  This is a membership club that helps keep your units running in top shape.Water Heater Maintenance Tips | Club

1. Visually inspect the water heater every month. Take note of any new rust spots, water heater problem, discoloration, etc. If the outside of a water heater has visual changes, the interior is changing as well.

2. Check to make sure the water heaters on / off valve is working properly every month. If a homeowner has a small water leak, attempts to turn the valve off and it breaks, a terrible water leak can result. It’s best to check the water heater valve regularly and practice turning the valve to avoid problems in the future.

3. Have the water heater flushed once a year, Make sure any and all build-up inside is removed annually to prevent water leaks and to better retain great hot water.  As your Mesa Az plumber we have the Ben Franklin Society to give you a cost effective way to receive regular maintenance.

It is recommended by all water heater manufactures to have a licensed plumber check your water heater every year to ensure that it is working safely and properly. With all the parts that have to work together, it is important to keep it working safely to protect the home and everyone around it.