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What You Don’t Know about your Garbage Disposal

Peoria Plumber gives Disposal Tips

Did you know that every few weeks, you should put a big cup of ice into your garbage disposal to keep the blades sharp? It’s true! Doing so will remove the food debris to keep it running more smoothly.

Here’s something else you may not know: there’s an easy way to clean out your disposal. Plug both sides of your kitchen sink and fill them up to about five inches below the top. Then pull the drain plugs and switch the disposal on, pushing a lot of water and pressure down the drain to clean past the disposal.

Do you know what to do if your disposal is noisy? Lubricate it by pouring in one cap of cooking oil and turning it on for a minute or two until the noise is gone.

What about if your disposal starts to smell? Chop up an orange, or clean it with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of water, then pour it down and turn on the disposal. Easy!

There is one type of food that you should not put into your garbage disposal, do you know what it is? Stringy foods, like carrots, celery and corn husks can clog your disposal and cause problems. Throw these items into the compost or garbage instead.

Did you know that macaroni and rice can expand and harden in your pipes and cause clogs? They can, so when washing them down your disposal, use a lot more water than you normally do to make sure they go down as far as possible.

One last thing you may not know? Never put your hand down your garbage disposal.

And now you know!