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Ben Thomas

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You have heard people say that people are like snowflakes—no two are alike. Well, at Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ, our plumbers are all very unique. Every plumber has his or her own story. We would like to profile one of our plumbers today.

Ben Thomas grew up in a home with a father and other family members that are plumbers. Ben loves helping homeowners and working with them to come up with solutions for their plumbing issues. He is a wizard at solving problems. Ben works around the clock to continually increase his knowledge of plumbing. Ben also tries to stay up-to-date on advances and trends. His goal is always to help his customers as much as possible. He is a true home-grown plumber who loves working with his hands and with his tools.

Our entire team at Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ can count on him. Besides being reliable, everyone knows that he has a lot of knowledge. He is also very talented at what he does and always has a great attitude.

In his off time, Ben enjoys spending time with his young son and his family. He is also an outdoorsman and loves to hike and take his son to the lake. In fact, on his recent birthday, he took on hiking Flathead with his brother and sister and made it all the way to the top!

We appreciate our dedicated plumbers and their willingness to serve our community! We are grateful for plumbers like Ben who work hard to address his customers’ needs and grow as a plumber at the same time.

If you’d like a visit from one of our experienced plumbers, contact us. Whether to work on a specific issue or to perform regular maintenance, one of our dedicated plumbers would love to come meet you and work with you.