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Outdoor Sinks

Fourth of July will be here soon and many people are planning to host parties and barbecues to celebrate our nation’s independence. Have you ever considered having an outdoor kitchen or grilling island? If so, incorporating a sink is a good idea. Having outdoor sinks reduces trips in and out of the house and makes food preparation and clean-up easier.

There are a few things that homeowners should know when it comes to choosing outdoor sinks. If you have ever dreamed of installing one in your back yard, here are some useful guidelines.

1. Go with quality stainless steel.

Sinks are always in water so any type can be used outside. However, the material of choice does tend to be stainless steel. Look for those built of grade 304 stainless (also called 18/8) because they better resist corrosion. When it comes to thickness, a 16-gague bowl can handle heavier objects better. Some 20-gague sinks have even been sprayed with an undercoating that offers sound-dampening.

2. Consider the size and style.

The design and style of your outdoor kitchen will dictate the type of sink you choose. Bar sinks are the smallest and only take up about a foot in either direction and 6” of depth. The next size up is a single bowl at 10-25” side then double bowls that are about 33”. These are popular in round or oval sizes with 90-degree corners.

Stainless steel sinks come in several finishes including a highly-polished mirrored finish or an easy-to-care-for brushed sink. You can even choose an undermounted sink if you prefer that look.

3. Price and maintenance

Sinks range in price from $100 for a single bowl up to a top-of-the-line undermounted sink for $500 and up. Remember that outdoor sinks need to be cleaned frequently so that debris and weather doesn’t ruin the finish. Covers are also available to extend their life.

4. Installation

Outdoor sinks need to be tied into the home’s plumbing system. Hot and cold water lines must be run from the house and insulated against freezing. The sink’s drainage also has to be routed to the municipal wastewater system. The difficulty of these factors will determine the cost but having a licensed plumber take care of it is a must.

If you’re dreaming of enjoy an outdoor kitchen this summer, call the experts at Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ to install your outdoor sink and make sure it will give you years of enjoyment. Doing more cooking and entertaining outdoors could make this your best summer yet! (602) 903-1762