How Our Phoenix Plumbers Can Help You Prevent Water Leaks in Arizona

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The high cost of water makes it important for property owners to take steps to prevent water leaks. As water is a perennial issue in Arizona, there is good reason to expect prices to only climb in the future. With Phoenix and other areas of the state charging higher prices during the summer months, leaks can be particularly devastating depending on the time of year. Leaking water will not only cause a high water bill, the leaking water can also cause damage to the building. There are many ways that a plumber can help the owner of a home, commercial property or other property.

Pipe Inspection

A periodic inspection of a building’s pipes, fittings and appliances can uncover problems before they become serious. Internally corroded pipes often show signs on the outside of the pipe such as discolored areas, bulges and other abnormalities. A plumber or other professional can quickly identify potential problem areas and correct them before a leak occurs. If needed, a camera can be inserted into the pipes to examine the internal surfaces of the pipe.

Valve Testing

Water valves can be used to turn water off and on to different parts of a building. Valves are particularly important in the event of a leak. However, water valves experience buildup of corrosion and debris that can make the valve fail. Even worse, valves that have not been operated in some time may begin leaking when they are used. A plumber can test valves in a building to make sure that they are working properly. If the valve is faulty, the plumber can replace the valve so that it will work when needed.

Leak Monitor

Modern technology now allows building owners to remotely monitor water usage in a building. Devices that monitor the flow of water can be fitted to water lines. These monitors can transmit real time data to allow property owners to uncover problems. Many devices will also shut off the water supply if the device shows a sudden increase in consumption that would indicate a leak. These shutoff devices can prevent thousands of dollars of damage that can be caused by a leak.

Our Trusted Plumbers at Ben Franklin Plumbing can help property owners just like you prevent leaks and avoid the costs that leaks can create. Ben Franklin serves the entire Phoenix metropolitan area including Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Sun City and Surprise.