Phoenix Water Heater Repair Christmas

Phoenix Water Heater Repair Christmas

Phoenix Water Heater Repair for Christmas

Phoenix Water Heater Repair Christmas.  How long should my tank style water heater last? Why does one homeowner have a water heater that lasts for 12 years whereas another has a water heater of the same make and model and it only lasts seven years?  This Christmas we hope to answer that question.

Water heaters have multiple factors that affect its life. It could be the home’s water pressure or the anode rod that extends the life of the water heater. Each model is also made differently, with better design or interior parts. Correct installation, annual maintenance and water treatment also affects the longevity of a water heater.  That means that an adjustment to the water pressure and a better system can make a big difference in how soon you’ll need to think about the water heater again. Phoenix Water Heater Repair Christmas

Some water heaters are made to last longer but there are ways to help them, like replacing the anode rod correctly or adding an expansion tank. The anode rod is a part inside that is meant to save your tank from deteriorating. When the original anode rod disintegrates, it is important to replace it and install a brand new one to save the insides of the tank from being eaten away and leaking. The expansion tank installed on the water heater allows the pressure that builds up inside to expend outside the tank, versus expanding in the tank and wearing out the inside lining. When you perform annual maintenance, your trusted plumber can find parts that are not working correctly sooner.  This allows the owner to replace the part before it causes extra stress on the unit.  That extra stress can wear out other parts (or the tank itself) prematurely.  So replacing the anode rod can be another precautionary measure.

Remember we have the Ben Society to help you detect anode deterioration and other water heater issues early on.  For the best Phoenix water heater repair this Christmas call Ben Franklin.  The Punctual Plumber will address all of your Water Heater needs.  So pick up the phone and dial 602-903-1762.