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5 Common Problems That Create Plumbing Issues in Phoenix AZ

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Plumbing issues are dreadful for many, especially if you have only one bathroom in the house. However, you have the power to prevent a number of issues from turning into massive problems by knowing signs to look out for. Certain issues with your water can signify that a call to the plumber is in order.

1. Discoloration

While fleeting local sewage problems or repairs might act as the cause of discolored water in your home, this situation can turn into a major issue if not addressed soon. In other words, consider if you want to drink discolored water, bathe in it and use it to rinse your toothbrush. If a call to the water company doesn’t get you an answer, call a plumber for help.

2. Odor

Discolored water might come with an odd odor, or an odor could arise without any discoloration. If you notice strange odors coming from your water, you should absolutely not use it. Once a professional investigates, whether or not the water is safe for consumption and use can be determined.

3. Low Water Pressure

Taking a shower with low water pressure is certainly unpleasant and probably won’t rinse all of the suds out of your hair. In addition to leaving you feeling as though you need another bath right away, low water pressure could also signify a much larger issue going on with the plumbing in your home.

4. Random Temperature Changes

A shower can also become unpleasant if the water temperature drastically changes in the middle of your bathing experience. On top of the shock of a temperature change, you could also be burned by a blast of hot water. Try to determine if a specific source, such as another sink being turned on, is the cause of the temperature changes so that you can provide the plumber with more information.

5. Puddles

If you’re seeing a puddle appear somewhere in your house, you likely have a leak somewhere in the home. A pipe could have also burst, which is a series issue that needs professional resolution. You might also have water coming in from the outside. A plumber can investigate, let you know the source of the water and resolve the issue.

As you can see, a variety of issues can come into fruition with the water in your house. Because water is used for so many purposes, you need to stay on top of these issues and contact our experienced plumber in Phoenix when problems arise.