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7 Silent Signs of a Significant Plumbing Problem in Phoenix AZ

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When a pipe bursts and floods your home, you know you have a plumbing issue. Unfortunately, not all plumbing issues are so obvious. Many of them remain silent until they become a major problem. Let’s look at seven silent signs you may have a significant plumbing problem.

1. The Water Flow Is Weak Throughout the House

If one faucet is weak, clean the aerator. When the entire house has a weak flow of water, it can be a sign the water main or the water heater is leaking.

2 More Than One Drain Is Slow

If one drain isn’t draining properly, a good plunger should clear the problem. For more than one drain, it may be a clog in somewhere in the larger drain system.

3. The Water Bills Are Climbing

Check your water bills for the past year. Are you seeing water usage go up for no obvious reason? You have a leak somewhere. Fix obvious issues like a leaky toilet or a dripping faucet. Then get a professional in to find the hidden ones.

4. Your Wall Paint Is Bubbling

Bubbling paint is often a sign of moisture in the wall behind it. It could be from a plumbing or roof leak. Try to find where the water is coming from and call a plumber for assistance.

5. One Area of the Yard Is Greener Than the Rest

If you have one part of your landscape that’s greener and lusher than the rest, you likely have a leak somewhere. It may be in your sewer line, an irrigation line, or your water main.

6. The Toilet Wobbles

Check the toilet seat bolts to make sure they’re tight. Check the bolts at the base of the toilet. If all the bolts are tight, but the toilet wobbles, the toilet drain has likely failed.

7. The Pipes Are Discolored

Discoloration on the pipes is usually a sign of moisture escaping the pipe. It often happens near a leaking pipe joint. Get it fixed sooner rather than later.

If you see any of these signs of a plumbing problem, call our expert plumbers in Phoenix at Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ.