Plumbing Pipe Leaks from Rusted Pipes

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We have previously talked about rusted plumbing pipes in our post “Rust Never Sleeps“, talking about the plumbing leaks that can come from rusted pipes. As water plumbing pipes age they become weaker and the chance of a crack is greater, leaving you as a homeowner with the uncertainty of how much damage even a small leak could cause. However, there are many other problems that can arise from rust such as water quality, water temperature and flow rate, as well as much more serious and hazardous safety issues that can come from maintenance negligence but we’ll touch on that another time.

For now, watch our short tip videos on what to look for when it comes to your water heater. Remember, what your water heater looks like on the outside is usually a good indicator of what it looks like on the inside.

So now you know why its important to regularly check your water heater to be aware at the first sign of any problems. Rust is not friendly, in fact, its far from it. As it breaks down it does more than block your pipes, it affects you water supply. It can be irritating to your skin when bathing and can be dangerous when consuming. To create a mental image, just imagine the aluminum compounds of the anode rods of your water heater breaking down and sinking to the bottom of your water heaters. It would be the first out of your drain valve if you opened it, so in the same aspect it would be the same thing feeding into your pipes as you use water throughout the day. This can be extremely bad for your stomach, intestines and joints.

To be sure you don’t get caught with plumbing pipe leaks, have your plumbing and water tested every year.

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