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3 Ways Your Home’s Landscaping Impacts Your Plumbing System in AZ

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Today, homeowners in Arizona frequently count upon residential plumbing systems in Phoenix to help maintain beautiful landscaping. Outdoor faucets and in-ground sprinkler systems sometimes play vital roles in preserving green spaces during hot weather. Yet did you know, landscaping choices also impact home plumbing systems to some extent? This brief article explores this topic.

One: Xeriscaping Helps Conserve Water

An approach to landscaping called “xeriscaping” recommends using local plantings as much as possible in lawns and gardens. In this part of Arizona, lovely desert plants native to this region usually resist drought much better than flowers, shrubs, and trees imported from distant places. If you rely on your residential plumbing system to help provide water for the lawn during certain periods of the year, xeriscaping may promote conservation. It sometimes leads to significant utility water bill savings in Phoenix.

Two: Avoid Planting Trees Near Underground Water or Sewer Pipes

If you plant trees or bushes on your property, it makes sense to give serious consideration to the locations. Try and avoid placing plants which will develop deep, extensive root systems near areas traversed by underground water and sewer pipelines. In some cases, plants actually “tap” in to underground water pipes, eventually creating blockages in the line. Roots favor wet areas around small leaks and areas of corrosion in aging pipes. By placing plants at a distance from underground pipe routes, homeowners avoid many problems.

Three: Always Maintain Clear Access to Outdoor Water Turn-Off Valves

Before you landscape your grounds, make sure your identify the site of your home’s residential water turn-off valve. If you ever need to stop the flow of water into your home’s plumbing system, you’ll need to access this location. Try and prevent cacti and other plants from occluding access to this equipment. People may need to reach the valve quickly during a plumbing emergency.

Rely Upon a Knowledgeable Local Plumber

Consider using a dependable local plumber when your residential water or sewer system requires maintenance or repair services. For example, the skilled team at Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ possesses familiarity with conditions in Phoenix and outlying areas. If we learn about new ways to help improve the efficiency of residential plumbing systems, we share them with our customers. Contact us at 602-282-5007 at any time to schedule a service appointment with us.