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Plumbing Tips to Help Your Water Heater Make it Through The Cold

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These 3 secrets will help your water heater get through the cold weather?

As temperatures around the Valley are starting to drop making sure a home’s water heater working properly is becoming increasingly more important. As a Chandler plumbing service company we see many water heater repairs that can be made before water heaters need to be replaced.

1. Visually inspect the water heater. Take note of any rust spots, water heater tank problems, discoloration, etc. If any of these exist, keep checking the water heater to be sure nothing changes, if the outside of a water heater has new visual changes, the interior is normally changing as well. As changes occur the water heater should be reviewed by a licensed plumber to avoid an emergency.

2. Check to make sure the water heaters on / off valve is working properly. If the water heater develops a small water leak, it’s important this valve works to turn off the water heater instead of breaking in your hands.

3. This is the time of year the water heater is pushed more to produce hot water 24 hours a day. It’s a great time of year to flush out all the sediment built up inside to prevent water leaks and retain great clean hot water to clean dishes and shower in.

Water Heater Sediment


4. Pay attention to hot water temperature reductions, it could be only one part needing to be replaced to get consistent hot water through this colder time of year, not the whole water heater.

It is always recommended by all water heater manufactures to have a licensed plumber check it yearly and make sure it is working safe and properly. There are many parts inside the water heater along with parts that keep the water heater working safely to protect the home and everyone around it.

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