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Looking for some Do It Yourself Projects for around the house this weekend?

You might find some inspiration here. Below are some modern twists on plumbing equipment made into furniture, decorations and even jewelry.

Here is an easy fixer-upper. Trying to make your kitchen cabinets more accessible? Try adding handles. Whether you are looking for a particular color scheme or are thinking of trying a modern take on your kitchen; start with small accents like these pipes. Not only will they make your kitchen one of a kind, but also some accents are even more affordable than other traditional store bought handles. Best part of these pipes – no repair necessary!

If you are looking for modern but simplistic shelving with a touch of rustic – you might have just found it. Although this is a do it yourself, make sure that the piping and wooden slats are properly planted to the ground and wall before putting storing anything too heavy on them.

Wanting an ultramodern bedroom set?

How clean is your plumbing… Clean enough to eat off of? This is a great simple table that shows your pipes are definitely clean enough and strong enough to eat off of. Might even remind you to call up your local plumber to make sure your real pipes look this good! 

Reading the Daily Plumber? Well we don’t have a book out yet… but here is a great idea for a modern bookshelf!

Talk about Modern— This is a Do It Yourself Lighting Project to the Extreme, taking old plumbing fixtures and routing a light through them – into the hand blown glass.

But then again, you could always just stick with candles…


Does your home need something bright and funky to spruce up the décor? For a few dollars at your local hardware store you could buy a few pieces of PVC pipes, and after painting them, turn them into one of a kind flower vases.

Today’s artists are constantly coming up with new ideas and methods for turning everyday items into wearable art. Here are two easy examples of Do It Yourself Jewelry that is sure to be easy, affordable and one of a kind. We’d love to see your DIY plumbing inspired decor! Share a picture with us on our Facebook page so everyone can admire your work!

— Enjoy this weeks Do-It-Yourselfs!