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When you’re stressed sometimes water can be the best relief. Whether it’s swimming, hot showers or just a bubble bath.

However, too many of those high-pressure showers and you could end up paying for more than the increase in your water bill.

Water flows throughout your house because of water pressure. Too much pressure and the faucets can actually begin to wear down, leading to leaky valves and dripping faucets.

You may even have this problem in your home now and have thought:

“Well, it’s just a small drip… how much water can a little drip like this really waste?”

And you’re right. A single drip from a single faucet won’t waste much water.

But did you know roughly 3,000 little drips could equal a whole liter of wasted water and about 15,000 of them could equal a gallon?

Sure you’re probably thinking – “Now that’s a lot of drips! There’s no way my little problem could turn into THAT!”

But think about every faucet in your home dripping a little bit all day long. Soon those little drips would add up. Not to mention if you don’t fix the pipes that those drips are dropping from you could soon end up with an unexpected flood from even the smallest of cracks in the piping.

So now maybe you’re wondering…

“Well how do I make sure this doesn’t happen to me?”

The answer to that is simple! Just make sure to check your water pressure on a regular basis! You can learn how to check your pressure by follow these easy steps:

1)   Purchase a water pressure test gauge from a local home supply store.

2)   Attach the gauge to an outside water faucet and turn it on fully. Then, look for a reading between _____ psi and _____ psi for the Phoenix area, but that range could different depending on where you’re from.

The easiest way to find out what your gauge should be reading is to check with a local plumber, likeBenjamin Franklin Plumbing, or with your town’s local water department.

3)   Then check the water pressure inside your house by attaching the gauge to your bathroom shower, kitchen or bathroom sink. You will want to make sure to test the pressure any where water runs to make sure enough water is reaching every faucet and that there are no leaks!

As always please feel free to call your local Benjamin Franklin Plumber at 602-903-1111  with any questions or concerns or to book your next appointment! Remember if there is any delay it’s you we pay!