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As we discuss bathroom renovations one of the leading renovations that comes to mind is with the shower or bathtub.  However, even though the shower is one of the leading bathroom renovations, it is usually only a simple renovation of the showerhead fixture.

But if you are looking for a new showerhead consider one that gives you options… even if it is just two options between a rainfall or a waterfall

When it comes to renovations, most people are unaware how a shower, bathtub or even the combination of the two can be the definition of your bathroom and just how much you can actually do to renovate it.

First you must decide:

Are you renovating a shower or a bathtub?

If you a renovating a bathtub consider what material you would like to have your tub made out of. With customized homes come more options of a customized bathroom in which homeowners usually have more flexibility with design options.

However, you still have plenty of bathtub options that only vary depending on the size of the room you are fitting the tub in.

Your bathtub has the ability to fully define the room. Whether your bathtub is customized by you, or a designer the options for patterns and material are endless.

Technology has given us the ability to put a modern take on the shower bathtub duo.

But if you are looking for just a Shower Renovation…

Start with something like this..

and finish with something like this…

You can also try going green by installing a shower that is water conscious.

The Shower Brake is a water controller that designates an amount of water (when pushed up) that is sufficient for most showers. The controller descends while you shower to let you know how much water you’ve used.

Then there are also the shower options that are without plumbing…

The pocket shower easily folds up so you can take it on the go!

If your ready for a change in your Bathroom shower or tub area, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help you come up with just the right update for you!

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