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All plumbing, just like a home itself, needs repairing with age.

As water pipes age they become weaker and the chance of a crack is greater, leaving you as a homeowner with the uncertainty of how much damage even a small leak could cause.

Today, water is still mostly transported in metallic pipes or systems, especially in older homes.  Homes with these galvanized iron water supply lines eventually clog with deposits, or become brittle and prone to fractures. With these pipes, the simpler the iron, the greater the risk of corrosion resulting in lower water pressure.

Pipes can corrode because of age or even by wear and tear from natural elements like a mixture of soil and water. The combination of the two will wear against the exterior of the pipes eventually making its way into the pipe itself. This not only leaves the pipe weakened but can also affect both your water supply and your wallet if the pipes crack and burst. The easiest way to check for corrosion with Iron is in the form of rust.

Another thing that could affect your water pipes is water pressure.

Weakened pipes can cause low water pressure, but a problem within your water pump could actually have the opposite effect, building too much pressure in your pipes causing them to rupture.

So take the proper precautions to make sure that your pipes are clog free, crack free and at a well-balanced water pressure. Working at a fast and efficient pace, we will make sure your pipes are properly working. If you need a replacement we will make sure to install high quality pipes, checking that the joints are tight and sealed properly. So make sure to have regular checks by your trusted plumber, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing who in the case of an emergency will make repairs, clean ups and restoration easy and stress free.