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Scottsdale Plumber | Fall Plumbing Tips For Arizona Home Owners

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Fall Plumbing Tips

#1: Fall Plumbing Tips For Arizona Home Owners

Fall and winter in the Arizona desert is unlike anywhere else on earth, with mild days, cold nights and the picturesque clear blue skies we’re famous for.  As temperatures drop, now is the time to prep your home’s plumbing system with these winter and fall plumbing tips.

fall plumbing tips1. Now is a great time to attend to your water heater, before the cold weather starts. Give your water heater a visual inspection, test out the temperature and check to make sure the on/off valve is working properly. Your water heater should also be flushed and professionally inspected annually.

2. If you don’t like waiting for hot water on cold days, add a recirculating pump to your hot water system and get hot water quickly. It’s like upgrading from dial up to high speed internet–you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

3. Service your sewer system. Have your system inspected with a camera and cleaned if needed and get those pesky roots out of there.

4. Learn where you main shut-off valve is located and mark it if necessary. In Arizona, it is most likely located outside the home and usually in the front of the house. Please make sure it is in great working condition for any time you may need to access it in an emergency. It is important to teach other family members where it is and how to shut off the water main if the situation arises.

5. Inspect your sprinkler and drip system. Take time now to make sure your lawn and landscaping will be watered effectively and that your system is working properly (without breaks or leaks) and is not wasting water

5.   Check all the outside faucets for any dripping or leaking. Make the necessary repairs or call us before freezing temperatures arrive.