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Is Your Toilet Talking to You?

Scottsdale Plumber Addresses the Noises

There are only two things that should be going down your toilet: things that come from your body and toilet paper.

There are “hygienic wipes” or “flushable wipes” that say they are safe for septic systems, but it’s better to avoid the risk that your plumbing system can’t handle them and simply not flush them.

You’d be surprised at what ends up in toilets, including phones, wallets and jewelry. We advise people to simply keep their toilet lids down when not in use to avoid this.

Then ask yourself…”Is my toilet talking to me?”

Like a dull headache that is trying to tell you that your back is out of alignment, so does your toilet whisper to you that it needs maintenance. Don’t wait for it to yell!

If your toilet is flushing differently or if it sounds funny, it is talking to you. Just like a back adjustment prevents larger problems, so does small repairs on your toilet over time, extending its life.

If your toilet is talking to you, listen. Perform your own maintenance or call your favorite scottsdale plumber in to take a look.

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