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Sewer Cameras and Trenchless Pipe Repair in Phoenix AZ

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Sewage backing up into your tub and toilet is a sure sign there is something blocking the sewer line from your home. It is not going to be a clog you can take care of yourself. You need to contact a an experienced plumber in Phoenix like ours to locate and repair the plumbing problem. Here are a couple of things you should consider before we send someone to your home.

Camera Inspections

The quickest and easiest way to diagnose the problem is by seeing into the sewer line. Small cameras on the end of a plumber’s snake provide a clear view of what is inside the pipes. They will be able to see if it is a grease clog, a broken pipe that has fallen in on itself, or tree roots that have busted through the pipe and clogged it. In addition, they will know exactly where the problem is located so they will not have to dig up your whole front yard to make the repair.

Clear the Clog

Ask our plumber how they will clear the blockage from the pipe. Ideally, they will be able to use tools on the end of a snake to get everything. They should have the ability to cut roots or other debris and some type of tool to grab the debris and pull it out. All of this can be accomplished with the camera attachment in place to guide the plumber.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless pipe repair means you do not have to hire someone to dig a trench in your yard for the repair. This not only saves you money, but it also saves your landscaping. Once the blockage has been removed, the plumber will dig one or two access holes. One hole will be at the front of the broken area and, if needed, the other hole will be at the end of it.

A flexible resin liner is pushed down the front access hole and placed inside the broken pipe and inflated. Within a few hours, this liner is hard and has become the new pipe. The other option is to insert a new pipe down through the front access hole, pull it into place through the back access hole, and then inflate it to the point it bursts the old pipe.

If you need a sewer camera inspection or trenchless pipe repair in the Phoenix, AZ metro area call our plumbers for help today!