Do You Need a Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Phoenix AZ

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Are you having a constant problem with drain backups and clogs in your home? You may have a major problem somewhere in your sewer line. The drains in your home are enclosed in the walls. The sewer line is buried under the yard. An effective way to determine if there’s a problem is to have a sewer line camera inspection.

How Do Camera Inspections Work?

The camera used during an inspection has a lens on the end of a long, flexible tube. The lens feeds the images back to the viewing screen.

When doing an inspection, the operator must first find a place to feed the camera into the drain pipes. It can be through a sewer line clean-out, through a drain vent on the roof, or through a toilet flange.

The operator feeds the camera into the drain, looking for potential problems. Some common problems identified with the camera include root penetration, clogs, cracks, pipe section disconnection, and pipe deterioration.

Do You Need a Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

There are a number of situations where a camera inspection is ideal:

  • Buying a preexisting home. A sewer line camera inspection should be performed before finalizing the sale.
  • Having recurrent clogs or backups. When water from the toilet backs up into the sink or the tub, it’s a sign there’s a clog somewhere deep in the drain lines.
  • Dealing with slow drains. If all the drains are slow, you have a clog somewhere in the sewer main.
  • Managing a sewer line that’s over 25 years old. Even if there are no obvious problems, older lines should be inspected to see if any potential problems are brewing.
  • Investigating a potential crack. If you have an exceptionally green area of grass on your front lawn, your sewer line may be leaking.
  • Gaining peace of mind. Having the sewer line inspected every few years will tell you if it’s in good condition or not.

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