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4 Advantages Offered by Sewer Line Video Camera Inspections in Phoenix

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Today, remarkable advances in digital camera technology permit plumbing companies like to offer plumbing video camera inspections in Phoenix AZ. A plumber can thread a small camera into the line to obtain images of the interior of the pipes. This process holds important benefits for some customers. Just consider a few reasons to request this service:

1. Locate Blockages in Underground Pipes Quickly

During previous eras, plumbers sometimes had to wait for problems to occur in order to check the condition of underground pipes. Clogs and blockages sometimes necessitated digging up and replacing large sections of underground pipe. This process frequently proved expensive. Now, before initiating residential line excavations, plumbers can use cameras to assess the degree of blockage. This process may help plumbing technicians reduce customer costs by focusing their repair efforts on problem locations first.

2. Locate Lost Jewelry

Occasionally, a customer sustains heartbreak when a valued ring or other jewelry item slips down a drain. If customers act quickly, in some cases they can locate these missing items in residential sewer lines through the use of digital cameras with a plumber’s help. Sometimes recovery proves impossible, of course, but the use of a digital camera may permit the retrieval of some valued items.

3. Determine if Plants Roots Have Invaded Underground Sewer Lines

Occasionally, plant root systems will invade underground pipes. Unless corrected, this problem holds the potential to eventually cause pipe leaks. The use of video camera inspections offers a way to check the condition of a residential line quickly. It allows plumbers to discover sites where plant root systems pose a threat. A homeowner considering removing an invasive root system can locate the site(s) of potential invasive root problems rapidly, before further damage occurs.

4. Document The Condition of a Residential Line

Sometimes a homeowner in the Phoenix Area requests a video camera inspection of residential plumbing lines prior to placing real estate on the sales market. Taking a video may help document that underground pipes appear in a good, well-maintained condition. This process may help reassure a prospective buyer that expensive repairs won’t prove likely during the immediate future. It may also help a customer decide whether to request a drain cleaning or the repair or replacement of sections of residential pipe.

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