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Top Signs a Sewer Line Needs to Get Repaired or Replaced

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You might have a clogged pipe or a water line that drains slowly. For most people, they have trouble figuring out when their sewer line needs professional help. That’s why you’ll learn a couple of signs that your sewer line needs to get repaired or replaced.

You Can Smell It

If you smell sewer gas in your home, that’s a sure sign that you have an issue with a sewer line. Sewers ventilate gas through roof outlets. That way, sewer gas can only be in your home if there is some type of opening somewhere.

Sewer gas is a blend of molecules that gets formed from household waste. The odor from sewage gas comes mainly from methane and sulfur dioxide. When you smell sewage odors, seek out the help of a professional plumber right away. That’s because if sewer gas builds up, an explosion could happen as decaying materials produces many different types of flammable gas.

You Have Backups and Blockages

During your time as a homeowner, you might get either a clogged drain or a backed up toilet. But when you experience backups and blockages on a regular basis, your sewer line might need to get fixed. If floodings and backups occur in the lower spots of your home, this is another clue that your main sewer line is in trouble.

Other signs of a sewer line failure include the following:

  • Your toilet floods every time you flush it
  • Your sink floods every time you run water
  • Your drain backs up every time you shower

If the problem was only one water line in your home, then floods don’t turn into a whole system failure. If you clean your interior pipes and the backups and flooding still continues, you will need to get the help of one of our plumbers.