Slow Bathtub Drain In Glendale AZ? We Can Help

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Taking a shower is a relaxing experience whether at the start of your day or to unwind at the end of it. If your shower or tub isn’t draining as fast as it should, then you need to take action. Standing in water up to your ankles is unsanitary and it could flood your home.

Common Causes For A Slow Drain

Clogs – It’s not unusual for hair, soap scum and debris to keep your shower from running smoothly. Over time, these things will sit in the drain and create a blockage that only allows for a little bit of water to drain at a time. If you don’t remove the clog, you will eventually have a big problem on your hands.

Stopper Problems – if you’re using a bathtub and shower combination, then check your bathtub stopper to make sure it’s sitting correctly. It may have been installed incorrectly and become stuck in a partially closed position. You may not have even realized that the stopper is not open all the way.

Mineral Buildup – you may live in a hard water area, which means that there is an excess of certain minerals in the water. These minerals can create deposits in your pipes over time that will cause your bath or shower water to drain more slowly.

Tree Roots – another plumbing issue that can cause water to drain abnormally are tree roots that have grown into your pipes. This is a problem that can usually only be found by a professional plumber, and it can cause big trouble if it’s not taken care of.

How To Fix Your Bath Or Shower Drain

It’s fairly easy to troubleshoot your drain problem to narrow down the possible causes. Check your bathtub stopper first if you have one to see if it’s blocking the drain. Next, you can try using a plunger or snake to clear any blockages. If none of these resolve your plumbing issue, then it’s time to call in one of our licensed plumbers to fix it.