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Solar Water Heater Installation With more and more people willing to change for novel ideas regarding generation of hot water, solar water heaters have come to stay! Benjamin Franklin, one of Arizona’s leading plumbing companies cares for the environment and promotes the idea of solar water heaters among customers. With Federal, State and Utility credits that pay up to 80% of the cost of a Solar Hot Water System, now’s the time to take advantage of this offer and have free hot water from now on. Simply put, a solar water heater uses solar energy to heat water. They are also called solar domestic hot water systems. They are becoming popular among residents since they are a cost-effective way to produce hot water from the sun. It is a good idea to install a solar water heater for all of your residential purposes. There are a few factors that you need to consider before actually making the purchase:
  • Evaluate the economics of installing-except for higher costs while purchasing and installing, your power bills can be reduced by 20-40% through solar water heater. Most importantly, you need not worry about fuel shortages or price hikes in the future since the fuel used is only sunshine.
  • Determine the solar resources the actual site possesses-before actually buying a solar water heater, you need to do a solar site analysis through which you can gain a rough idea about how much radiation both direct and diffused your home gets from the sun.
  • Analyze the various systems and compare their true costs-you can measure the performance of solar water heater by calculating the solar fraction. You should also consider the size and overall costs involved in the process of calculating energy efficiency. Along with any future repairs that may need to be made for the system.
  • Investigate the systems’ energy efficiency-in this case, you need to calculate the annual operating cost and also compare the costs with that of conventional water heating system.
  • Collect information about the local codes and regulations-make sure you comply with the zoning rules of the region.