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Bidet Toilet Seat

Did You Know you can get a Bidet Toilet Seat? Many people think that bidet toilet seats are only found in mansions, fancy hotels or

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Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumber in Phoenix

Emergency Plumber in Phoenix The Best Emergency Plumber in Phoenix tells you how to Avoid Emergencies Emergency Plumber in Phoenix. Are you working to prevent a

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Mesa Plumber

Mesa Plumber Best Mesa Plumber is the Punctual Plumber   Our goal at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is to have the best plumbers.  We make sure

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Water Heater Tips – Ben Franklin Plumbing

[embed_youtube src=”” width=”500″ height=”350″ class=”youtube_styleme” id=”Ben Franklin Plumbing”] The top three things every homeowner should do in order to ensure their natural gas or electric

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Pipe Leaks

Pressure Up!

When you’re stressed sometimes water can be the best relief. Whether it’s swimming, hot showers or just a bubble bath. However, too many of those

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