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Tankless Water Heaters Have Great Energy Efficiency Benefits

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You’ve probably seen the advertisements on television and in magazines that boast about tankless water heaters. While they may not be the most energy efficient, they do offer some unique features and benefits. Tankless water heaters aren’t on demand systems just because they use special heat exchangers to increase the temperature of the water that you want heated. This works by moving heat from one liquid medium to another; the same sort of mechanism that is used in refrigerators and air conditioners, except that in a tankless water heating system, the heat exchange is conducted by electric currents or a gas fired heater.

Water heaters like this are quite common, and it’s a common enough practice to have them regularly inspected to make sure that they’re running efficiently. There are several different things that can contribute to an inefficiently running water heater so it’s important to regularly check and change any parts that could be contributing to your heating problems. Sediment, for example, can build up in a tank of water heater overtime. As the sediment continues to build up, it can reduce the heat capacity of the water heater; it also affects the operation of the various controls and valves that control the flow of gas through the system. As the sediment and heat build up, you’ll begin to notice that your hot water won’t heat as quickly as it once did or that you aren’t as comfortable as you used to be when you took a warm shower. There are tankless water heaters that can remove sediment and effectively remove sediment buildup from the system without sacrificing efficiency.

These tankless water heaters also have the ability to heat hot water right from your hot water spout; they can effectively heat and store hot water to be used when you need it, all while saving energy and money on your utility bills. These great benefits make Arizona home and business owners eager to invest in these great little technologies. Energy efficiency is important in Arizona, especially in an area that’s known for using a lot of energy to service everything from automobiles to homes. The great benefits of tankless heaters provide a great alternative to traditional heating that’s cost efficient, reliable, and convenient.

If you are thinking about having a water heater replaced or repaired and want to consider a tankless water heater as an option give us a call for help