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The Apprentice and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

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Yes, Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber will be on NBC’s TV Show “The Apprentice” on May 2, 2010.  Because of our timeliness, along with our ethics and values, we are a perfect match for Mr. Trump.  He has built a great team this season with some fabulous celebrities.  Time is always important to Mr. Trump and his organization as it is with the CEO of the Benjamin Franklin franchise, Jim Abram who will appear on the show.  

I’ve watched the show for years, and I thought, ‘I wonder if they would have our company on there,’” Abrams said in an article for

Watch NBC on May 2nd to hear the radio spot that the celebrities make for us.  Some firsts & history making for this show include:

  • This is the first ever judge role for Eric Trump
  • This is the first time a service brand has been integrated into the show
  • This is the first time in The Apprentice history that is has three brands featured during one task

We will also be promoting a new program for all homeowners with great benefits, so don’t miss out.  Set your DVR or tune in and watch.

Watch and guess for our local surprise giveaway, it is something you will see on the show.  Send me a guess of what you think it is by Monday the 3rd at noon and get entered in for a drawing for one from me.

Here is a hint it is bigger then a bread box and blue.

Watch me on NBC’s Arizona Midday show  the day after at 1pm on Monday the 3rd, where I will be talking about the celebrity that was fired along with the winning charity of the show and our new local giveaway.

Be sure to go to our website for more information as it occurs live on the show.