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The Big Blue Plumbing Repair Truck

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The Big Blue Truck, our warehouse on wheels!  Yes, this big blue truck really does carry 90% of all you need for your Phoenix Arizona plumbing repairs. Including Water Heaters, Toilets and drain machines. Many people are way to busy to wait for a plumber to go get parts, not with our service, we can carry thousands of parts to be sure we get your plumbing repair fixed right away.

  • Have you seen this truck around your streets?
  • Did you know that only a few plumbers really qualify to drive this truck?
    • All our plumbers are drug free and tested regularly!!
    • All our plumbers are background checked for your safety and protection!!
    • All our plumbers are fully trained at all plumbing repairs including drains, water heaters and water treatment services.
    • All our plumbers will smell good and keep your home clean.
    • All our plumbers will wear shoe covers to protect your home.
    • All our plumbers prepare in weekly in house training to be ready for every job.
    • All our plumbers will offer all options available for every job.
    • All our plumbers have hundreds of happy comments from prior customers.

Have you seen what the inside of The Big Blue Trucks?

For a plumber to be ready for any job 24/7 takes a lot of preparation, imagine if a restaurant had to bring the whole kitchen and cook to the home to serve the family dinner, what would it take before they arrive to be sure they are ready for anything that is ordered off the menu?

Not all plumbers are the same, it is hard work, but we find very important to have the right trucks, the right stock and the right experience ready for our customers needs before arriving at the home.

Our plumbers must keep the big blue trucks clean and organized, have you ever tried to work in a messy kitchen or at a desk that has many stacks of papers? Most people find that it takes more time to get the job done right. Our plumbers trucks are organized from the start and they take the time every day to keep them clean to make sure each of our jobs are done correctly every time.

I hope you enjoyed to learn more about our Big Blue Trucks and continue to notice them  driving around the streets of all our valley cities including  Chandler and Scottsdale AZ.