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Toilet Flapper Tips

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How to change a flapper in 3 steps:

1)      Disconnect the chain to the toilet handle, remove old flapper

2)      Check the flush valve to be sure smooth to allow new flapper to close properly

3)      Put new flapper in place and connect it to the toilet handle.

Toilet Flapper Tips

Your toilet plays an important role in your everyday life yet its flapper gets ignored way too often.

When you hear your toilet running water, when water seeps into the bowl area when not in use or when your toilet takes a few flushes to clear the bowl, it maybe your toilet flapper talking to you saying it needs replaced.

We want to help you save water, have less stress when flushing your toilet and save money.

Here are a few toilet flapper tips that many homeowners can do them self.

1.      Check to see if your toilet is leaking water- When your toilet is not in use, put a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank. Wait 5 minutes and if you see the food coloring in the bowl, your toilet is leaking water into the bowl. If not that’s good. 

2.      Open the tank lid and look at the toilet parts, the flapper should be pretty stiff, but pliable, it should close down nice and tight onto the flush valve, if you see any softness or small spaces on the seal area the flapper it should be replaced.

3.      Flush the toilet, look into the bowl to see if all the water clears out of the bowl with one flush.

4.      If any of the above 3 items are not working properly, starting with a new flapper is recommended. Get a new flapper that fits your particular model toilet, make sure your main water shut off to your home works properly and you can use it, in case of a water emergency. 

5.      Change the toilet flapper in the toilet tank in 3 easy steps: 1) Disconnect the chain from the flapper to remove the old toilet flapper 2) Check the flush valve that the old flapper closed onto, make sure the edges are clean and smooth, if they are not the new flapper won’t have a good seal to work properly. 3) Put your new flapper in on the flush valve and connect the chain to the toilet handle.

6.       Flush the toilet to make sure the new flapper works properly and fixed your concerns.

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