Toilet Repair Before The Superbowl Party, Really!!

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Are you planning a Superbowl party this year?  I’m sure your planning what food to have and who to invite, but is your toilet really ready for the party too?  Is it finanlly time to repair the toilet, before your guest arrive?

The last thing you want at a Superbowl party is to invite the Phoenix Plumber, too!  I know it seems like a minor thing to worry about when planning the big party, I know you have a lot to do on your list, but your guest may feel differently if they are left standing and worring if your toilet will flush or not.

Did you know halftime during the Superbowl game is on record for being one of the highest amount of water consumption times in the Phoenix area, is your toilet really ready for the high demand of use? Has it needed a plumbing repair before now?

Do you have a sign of some sort near your toilet like this?

You may need to repair your toilet if you:

  • Have a paperclip chain hooked inside your toilet to help it flush.
  • Have a wrench being used, as a toilet handle.
  • Have dental floss holding the inside toilet handle to the flapper.
  • If you have to take off the tank lid to flush it by the insides.
  • If you have to flush the toilet more then once and it still don’t clear the bowl.

Superbowl is a time to cheer on your favorite team, not worring about your toilet working right. It will be here before you know it, fix it now.

Many of the repairs can be done by you, if your up to it. It may just need a new toilet handle or a flapper to work better for the party, here are some minor toilet repair tips, that may be of help for you.

If your too busy planning for the party or feel your toilet repairs are too much for you to handle, mention this blog for $59.00 off any toilet repair, not to be combined with any other discounts or coupons good through 2/28/11.

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Or if you do have problems on The big Superbowl day, we are here working, we can help, just give us a call.