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When to Call a Plumber in Phoenix to Fix A Toilet

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If you experience minor toilet problems, such as a clog or a broken chain, you usually can fix them yourself. However, most homeowners do not have the skills or tools to fix all toilet problems, and doing something beyond their skills only make problems worse. Learn when to contact a professional plumber in Phoenix to fix your toilet.

Plumbing Tools or Home Remedies Didn’t Fix the Clog
Sometimes the clogs are too far down the pipe for a home remedy or plumbing tool to be effective. Plunging too much could break the wax ring possibly causing water damage, and commercial drain cleaners seldom work and could damage piping. Stubborn clogs are commonly indicators of more serious problems, such as a broken sewer line or tree roots in the pipes.

The Toilet Still Runs After Adjustments
A running toilet is not only a nuisance, but it wastes money and often complex to diagnose. The flapper, the rubber piece in the bottom of the tank, should close after each flush. Check to see if something is blocking it. Another cause of running toilets is a loose or broken fill tube. If these fixes didn’t work, there could be a hidden leak.

You Smell Something Foul
A musky smell could be a sign of mold caused by a hidden leak from blocked or strained toilets that start inside the wall or below the floor. Mold can cause serious respiratory issues when left untreated. A smell occurring only after you flush can indicate a broken toilet ring. When the wax ring breaks, it will push the water below the floor or toilet. A rotten egg smell commonly indicates a main sewer problem which should be addressed by a professional plumber in Phoenix, Arizona.

Many toilet issues and should not be left to chance and many times you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself. Don’t hesitate to call Ben Franklin Plumbing for things you can’t fix like a running or clogged toilet.