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Water Heater Tips – Ben Franklin Plumbing

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The top three things every homeowner should do in order to ensure their natural gas or electric water heater is working properly.

As temperatures around the Valley are starting to drop making sure a home’s water heater working properly is becoming increasingly more important.

1. Visually inspect the water heater every month. Take note of any new rust spots, water heater problem, discoloration, etc. If the outside of a water heater has visual changes, the interior is changing as well.

2. Check to make sure the water heaters on / off valve is working properly every month. If a homeowner has a small water leak and they go to turn it off and the valve breaks in place it can result in a terrible water leak. It’s best to check the water heater valve regularly and practice turning the valve to avoid problems when you need it.

3. Have the water heater flushed once a year, make sure any and all built up inside is removed annually to prevent water leaks and retain great hot water.

It is always recommended by all water heater manufactures to have a licensed plumber check it yearly and make sure it is working safe and properly. There are many parts inside the water heater along with parts that keep the water heater working safely to protect the home and everyone around it.