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Think You Might Have a Water Leak? High Water Bill?

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In many instances, a burst-high water bill is caused by a faulty leak in your plumbing system. With some basic detective work and some elbow grease, you can find the source of the leakage and, once fixed, fix it yourself. However, for more serious plumbing problems, you might need the services of a qualified plumbing professional. If you suspect any problem with the plumbing, before calling the plumber, have a look around your house. Make sure there isn’t a major leak in the plumbing pipes; if you are having trouble locating the source of a leak, then the first place to check is your basement.

Checking your basement might sound funny, but it is actually one of the best places to find water consumption leaks. Most people take their water consumption for granted, not realizing how much water they are consuming without realizing it. Pipes in the basement carry water away from the kitchen and bathrooms to other parts of the home, carrying gallons of water every day to its ultimate destination: the toilet. With every flush, your household is taking large amounts of water which means a high water bill.

Plumbing can also cause water service lines to leak; this is mostly due to rusty or missing connections. This can be fixed easily by hiring a professional plumber to replace the old connection with a new one. Another plumbing problem which causes water service lines to leak is the valve; if it is bent or damaged somehow, then it will cause your water meter to run backwards. These water service leaks can be repaired easily using a plumber.

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