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3 Reasons PEX is a Good Choice For Water Pipes In Arizona

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PEX piping has become more commonly used in Arizona over the past decade. Many homes and businesses in the Phoenix area are successfully using PEX piping. PEX, also known as cross-linked polyethylene, is a flexible synthetic pipe material. PEX is used as supply lines in place of copper or CPCV water pipes. There are many reasons that people use PEX in new home construction and for home piping replacements and repairs.

1. Cost

The primary attraction of PEX piping to many people is its low cost. It costs less to buy and less to install than copper piping. The lower cost to install is largely due to PEX being flexible enough to go around obstacles where multiple fittings would have to be used with copper or CPVC.

2. Flexibility

The flexibility of PEX does more than just make it easier to install. The flexibility of PEX helps it to be quieter than copper pipes that often creates sounds when it rubs or taps against wall studs and other building materials as the pipes expand and contract due to changing temperatures. Copper pipes that are not properly secured can move and cause leaks. PEX does not have this issue as the pipe can flex and absorb any movement.

3. Water Hammer

In some situations, copper piping can create an annoying noise know as water hammering. Water hammering often occurs when a washing machine or dishwasher stops taking on water. It can also occur when shower or bath water faucets are quickly turned off. The sudden stoppage of the fast-moving water can create a shock wave on the pipe that creates a thumping noise. More than just an annoyance, water hammering can lead to damage to pipes or water using appliances over time.

When it comes time to repair or replace water lines, PEX piping can be a good choice. PEX can be used for a whole building or simply joined as needed to existing copper or CPVC pipe. To learn more about how PEX piping can be used to meet your plumbing needs, contact Ben Franklin Plumbing. Whether you are in Scottsdale, Mesa or Gilbert, Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ serves the entire metropolitan Phoenix area.