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Have a Water Quality Problem or a Pipe Problem in Your Home in Phoenix?

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Plumbers like our team of experts at Ben Franklin Plumbing can help you with inspections for old water pipes and for old drain pipes. Some older pipes may have been made when there had been less stringent regulations for plumbers and for homebuilders. You may feel safer if you have some pipes replaced because there could be some potential health risks for you and your family.

A plumber can inspect your pipes and can recommend which pipes should be replaced while also discussing the costs with you. We can find problems in water lines and in sewer lines. There could be a section of a pipe that had not been replaced by a previous homeowner because the pipe had been in a difficult spot to reach without removing a section of a floor or of a wall.

You could have some hidden problems from an outside water facet that had been installed on your garage or on your back porch. That outside water facet could be the water source for the drinking water for your pets or for the water for your swimming pool or your vegetable garden.

If a pipe is underneath a concrete floor, some homeowners who do home repairs could decide to not remove a section of a concrete floor to replace that pipe. That homeowner could have only replaced the sections of that pipe that had been above the concrete floor. We can inspect inside your pipes to find a problem that may be hidden under a floor or behind a wall.

There can also be some hidden problems from the water lines that are used to supply the water to your home. You can have the water in your home tested for water quality. If there are some contaminants in the water, then we can work with you to find the pipe that is causing the problem.

The quality of the water in your home is an important factor for preventing health problems for you and your family. We can help you to find a problem from contaminants in your water and from older pipes and can also conveniently replace some pipes for you.

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