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What an Anode Rod Does and Why You Need to Replace it?

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Without an anode rod , your water heater will degrade in only a few years. Despite its benefits, a rod is not eternal; you must occasionally check and replace it every few years. While tankless water heaters lack an anode rod by design, normal tank water heaters need one.

How an Anode Rod Does Its Job

A water heater’s close proximity to water and the materials used to build one mean that water heaters are a technology predisposed to rusting.

  • Water breaks down into acidic gasses like carbon monoxide.
  • Steel corrodes and rusts when exposed to oxygen and moisture.
  • The high temperatures from heating water expedite corrosion rates.
  • The materials used in making water heaters tend to be electrically conductive, making tanks more vulnerable to corrosion.

Anode rods negate many of the problems from running a water heater. Anode rods are composed of magnesium, an element that diverts corrosion away from whatever your water heater is made of. The rod then sends electrons into the tank, insulating the tank against corrosion.

Maintaining a Rod

Your rod’s durability depends on several factors.

  • Water temperature.
  • Water usage.
  • System quality.
  • Water chemistry.

Annual tune-ups are recommended. You should also have the rod inspected, by a professional, every three years.

On Replacement

Anode rods are located in an awkward spot, usually right under components like the water inlet valve. Removing a rod in a safe manner demands specialized tools only we have access to. Trying to improvise things by doing it yourself could result in damaging your water pipes. Even installing a replacement rod require a great deal of overhead clearance to avoid shattering the rod. We drain the system first and tip it to gain the proper clearance.

Unless you have actual experience as a plumber, its best to leave the maintenance of your rank and replacement of its anode rod to us. The rod is a vital water heater component that can last for quite a while as long as the system is run well and you rely on us for any maintenance.

If you think you need your Anode rod replaced in your water heater contact our Plumbing Experts at Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ today for help