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What’s in your shower?

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Water used for showering and bathing is usually one of the main sources of water that goes unnoticed.  But take a second to think about it…

Have you noticed your skin is dry or irritated?

What about dry hair?

If you answered yes to either of those questions your skin and hair could be experiencing reactions to the Chlorine in your bathing water or Hardness built up in your pipes.

Another thing you could be experiencing is smelly water, (link to post about smelly water) which could mean you are breathing in chlorine fumes during hot showers.

Like we talked about in last weeks post, (link to the post about chlorine) chlorine can cause serious problems when it reacts with certain organic materials and sometimes does not last long enough to completely filter the water. So although Chlorine is the cheapest method of filtration, it is not the most effective.

The city water is automatically chemically treated, however, as a homeowner you have the final say once the water reaches your home, whether you still want those chemicals in your water or not.

Certain water filtration systems like H2O Harmony Water Quality Solutions (link to site) offer the perfect fix for any water source. H20 Harmony water treatment products treat the water, protecting your body and home and helping save Mother EarthThere are two filtration systems that can help filter the water that you are bathing and showering with:

  1. Whole Harmony:
    • Used for Drinking and Cooking
    • Showering and Bathing

  1. Complete Harmony:
    • Complete Harmony actually covers filtration for water used for
      1. Drinking and Cooking
      2. Showering and Bathing
      3. Laundry and Cleaning

Because Phoenix has naturally harder water, some homes suffer from excess sediment and turbidity, and the buildup of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine – and this may lead to corrosion in your plumbing system that could damage pipes, plumbing fixtures and water-based appliances.

By using either water filtration system, you will experience great drinking water, smoother and softer skin and improvements of skin conditions, including dryness. You will experience shiner and silkier hair and improved odor. The Whole Harmony filtration systems will protect your home’s plumbing for years to come efficiently and economically.