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Why is My floor Wet Around My Toilet?

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The area around a toilet should never be wet. However, there are many toilet problems that can cause a wet floor. Though not all of the reasons for moisture on the floor are overly serious, it is important to determine the source of the water to avoid expensive repairs.

Supply Lines

Supply lines can be a cause of water leaks, especially if the valves are frequently turned off and on. The force of moving the valves can cause fittings on the lines and on the toilet to loosen and begin to leak. Sediment in the water can also cause the valves to not properly seat and close.

Wax Seal

The most problematic source of leaks on a toilet is the wax seal where the toilet attaches to the drain pipe in the floor. Wax seal leaks are problematic as they leak dirty water and the water can quickly rot the floor boards under the toilet.

Toilet Tank Gasket

Both toilet tank gaskets and toilet tank bolts can leak. The bolts hold the tank onto the toilet while the gasket creates a seal between the tank and toilet where the water leaves the tank when the toilet is flushed. In some cases, leaks in this area can be fixed by tightening the tank bolts. However, care must be used to avoid cracking the tank by overtightening.


Though it isn’t common, it is possible for the porcelain to crack and small leaks to occur. If a crack is leaking, it should be possible to see the water seeping through the crack.


Many times, moisture on a toilet isn’t from a leak at all. Water on the exterior of a toilet can be caused by condensation. The cool water inside the toilet causes the exterior of the toilet to be colder than the air in the bathroom. This can cause water droplets to form on the toilet. Condensation can often be prevented by installing insulation inside the toilet tank.

Toilet repair, or even replacement, is quite economical when compared to the costs of water leaks or damage to bathroom floors. If you have a leaking toilet in Phoenix or surrounding area, contact Benjamin Franklin today!