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Why You Shouldn’t Try To Tackle Those Big Plumbing Problems

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When you have a clogged drain, water heater that’s leaking, or other plumbing issues that may be more than you can handle, don’t think you can just grab your toolbox and figure it out as you go. If you take this approach, you not only will not be able to fix the problem, but also likely make it worse. Should this occur, your bank account will get depleted quickly, since you’ll be facing very large repair bills. Rather than make a bad situation worse, here’s why you need to call on the plumbing experts in the Phoenix, AZ metro area at Ben Franklin Plumbing.

Water Damage
If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to a leaky water heater or pipe, you may be setting the stage for plenty of water damage in your Phoenix home or business. Since a leaking water heater can result in gallon after gallon of water going here and there, never think you can simply give something one or two turns with your wrench and have your problem solved.

Your Personal Safety
Along with creating large repair bills, you may also be putting yourself at risk of getting hurt, especially if you are trying to repair a water heater. Since the water in these heaters can be extremely hot, one wrong move could have you being sprayed with scalding water that could result in severe burns. Rather than add large medical bills to an already tough situation, trust us here at Ben Franklin Plumbing to get your water heater or other parts of your plumbing system working like new again.

Small Problems into Big Repairs
Last but not least, trying to tackle plumbing problems on your own often results in taking a small problem and turning it into a major repair. Since an experienced plumber can examine a situation and immediately know what to do, they can keep your problems to a minimum, thus reducing your repair bill.

If you have decided against the DIY approach and instead want plumbing pros on the job who know what needs to be done, contact us at Ben Franklin Plumbing by calling 602-282-5007.