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What Happens When You Don’t Call a 24 Hour Plumber?

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The never-ending faucet drip and the clogged drain belong to a category of problems that you can handle on your own. A professional is needed to resolve the more complex issues that occur at the worst times, such as in the middle of the night. These are the reasons why emergency plumbing is needed.

A Massive Flood

Flooding occurs when a water appliance, such as a toilet or water heater, malfunctions. Anyone who’s ever lived through a hurricane style flood knows that water rises quickly. Water that has flooded the living room can reach the attic in less than an hour. Water that gushes out from a busted pipe will cover the entire floor in several inches of water at least. If you don’t call an emergency plumber, you’ll have to call a water damage restoration provider, as well.

Putrid Odors

Damaged sewer lines can release putrid odors that are unbearable to tolerate for too long. Unless you want to sleep with a cloth over your mouth, contact the plumber at once. Some smells spread throughout the entire house, while others reach the outdoors. There is a bigger underlying problem that worsens if it’s not treated right away.

Freezing Cold Water

You need hot water to have comfortable showers in the morning before going to work or school. Hot water removes the bacteria that grows on dishes and laundry. But your water heater could break down on the coldest days of the year. Then overnight, the temperatures will drop to freezing and make the water freezing cold by morning.

Flooding in Yard

A flood could appear in the yard, creating a pool of water in the lawn. This may be a busted underground pipe or a broken sewer line. To prevent the flood from getting bigger, contact a Phoenix, AZ emergency plumber that same day like our company.

Your home’s plumbing is important but often ignored until it’s too late. Fortunately, we have plumbers in Phoenix who are willing to resolve your problems on such short notice. You have the benefit of calling a 24 hour plumber to arrive at any time of the day or night.