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Arizona Cash For Appliances: Gas Water Heater “Tank” Style

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A few Tank Style Gas Water Heaters qualify for the Arizona Cash For Appliance Rebate.  They must have Energy Factor of >=0.67 and be Energy Star Rated which translates into High efficiency and homeowner savings on your utility bill every month.   The bigger your family, the more hot water you use  and the greater the savings you can expect. 

Gas Water Heater – Tank Style Facts:

  •  Some manufactures that make water heaters that meet these energy factors for the rebate include Bradford White, Rheem and A.O Smith.
  • A Power Vent Gas Water Heater qualifies for the Appliance rebate program, this type of gas water heater is not  common in the Phoenix area, however, we have serviced them throughout Maricopa County.
  • Three common things occur when homeowners call us for this type of water heater:
    1. Customers learn they are more expensive than a standard gas tank water heater
    2. There are  fewer model choices because of your existing plumbing system set up
    3. If it is an emergency you may have to go a day or so without hot water until one can be located
  • If you have a Power Vent type of water heater for your home today, you should look at this program very seriously. Not only will you save $400.00 (that’s $200 through the State Rebate and our $200 match from Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber Special), but you will also not be inconvenienced with no hot water while planning to have it installed.

These high energy efficient gas tank style water heaters come with the most up to date safety devices to keep your home and family safe from gas explosions. They have  a high input combustion system and fully automatic controls with excellent amount of insulation in the tank which saves on the cost of reheating hot water- day and night.

It can be difficult to locate a gas tank style water heaters that qualifies for this rating, but we can help.  Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber is a qualified and licensed retail plumber for the Arizona Cash for Appliance Rebate program.  We have all the up-to-date information to help you qualify for the program.   License ROC 250620, ROC256668, ROC 200353.  Don’t delay mark your calenders for April 12th at 6am, use the rebate website  or phone line 1-877-307-5336 to get your  reservation for a new qualified water heater.

To find out more about other water heaters that qualify for this program and more details about the program visit my prior blog.

Special Offer: Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber will match the Arizona State Rebate dollar amount, $200.00-$425.00, on qualified water heaters,  1 per household, through the month of April, not to be combined with any other discounts or coupons.

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