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Ben Franklin Plumbing Water Conservation Contest
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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Contest for the family who saves the most water!

Visit our Ben Franklin Plumbing Facebook page during the first week of August to let us know that you and your family are participating in the contest.

Then, make a simple chart listing each family member and a list of the things they did to save water during the month.

At the end of the month, send over a copy of your water bill for July vs. August.

The top ten families with the most savings will be placed into a drawing for a $50 Visa gift card. Not only do you save, you can get paid!

Plus, everyone who participates will also win a lower water bill and better lifelong water conservation habits!

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We are looking forward to seeing what your family does to save water! We can’t wait to read your water conservation tips and success stories. We are also curious to find out who in the family is the most dedicated to saving water. Do the kids have to be reminded or do they take the challenge to heart and really determine to lead the way? Tell us all about it on Facebook!

Here is an example of one of the quick water conservation tips you can see on our Ben Franklin Plumbing Facebook page:

Water Conservation Tips – turn water off when not needed, soak pans, wash veggies and fruits over a big bowl and reuse excess water for plants.

With Kohler Touchless Kitchen Faucets, its easy to turn the water on and off with a quick waive of your hand. Its like going from dial up internet to high speed… you will love the touchless faucets and save water. You will no longer have to let water run for a few more seconds because your hands are too dirty to touch the faucet!

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