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How to Unclog a Clogged Toilet

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If you’re experiencing a clogged toilet, you should know that there are several methods to unclog it. In some cases, you can clear the blockage yourself, but in others, you’ll need a plumber. A plumber in Phoenix can diagnose the problem, repair the clog, and clean any affected fixtures.

Depending on the size of the clog, it may be a good idea to use a plunger. Plunging the toilet will force existing water down the pipes, which should help loosen any clogs. Make sure you wear safety goggles and rubber gloves while plunging.

Another effective way to clear a clogged toilet is to use a wet/dry vacuum. To do this, you’ll need a vacuum hose, a towel, and rubber gloves. Then, you’ll insert the vacuum hose into the toilet drain and wrap the towel around it. Once you’ve done this, you can begin sucking the clog out. You’ll need to wait for it to drain before you can replace the towel, so don’t forget to do this after you use it.

If your clog is caused by tree roots, you’ll need a plumber. These roots can penetrate the sewer line and cause large blockages. They also can grow under your home’s foundation, causing slow drainage and potentially expensive repairs.

If your clog isn’t caused by tree roots, you’ll need to use a plunger or toilet auger. You can also use household bleach, but you should wait at least 15 minutes before flushing. This can work effectively for a clog that’s caused by a foreign object, such as a hair.

While plunging a clogged toilet, you can also try using a toilet snake. If you don’t have a snake, you can buy one at your local home improvement store. This can be a useful tool for a variety of other plumbing tasks, such as getting a sink clogged. However, the snake may scratch your porcelain toilet bowl, so you should always call a professional if you don’t have access to one.

Another popular method for clearing a clogged toilet is to run hot water. While this method is sometimes effective, you should avoid boiling water, which can damage the surface of porcelain toilets. In fact, it can even crack them. Alternatively, you can mix baking soda and vinegar into the bowl to break down the clog. Once this has been done, leave the mixture to sit for about 30 minutes. The vinegar will act as a deodorizer and the baking soda will help soften the clog.

While these are some of the best options for a clogged toilet, you’ll want to check with a plumber for more serious issues. A clogged toilet can be an indicator that you have a problem with your main drain lines or that you have a clog in your toilet vent. This can be a very serious plumbing problem, so you should contact a plumber immediately.

If you do need a plumber, you should be able to find one close to you. Just be sure to have the proper tools, including a plunger and an auger, before you hire a contractor.

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