Sewer Jetting

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The Holidays are upon us! The good and the bad; you’ve planned, shopped, wrapped, hung, lit and baked. Now you’re all set for the family to come and unravel all of it. One thing no one ever plans for is a pesky plumbing problem, who does right? It is important to maintain your plumbing system on a regular basis, especially before you are going to have the family in your home.

Throughout the year, fats, oils and grease all build up in your sewer lines, but your system is designed to handle a normal household. Now add Aunt Mary, her four kids you only see twice a year, Uncle Burt and his new wife, your brother who is home from college and his three friends who came just to eat all the food in your house, your system could fail resulting in a clogged sewer.

Don’t worry, you can always take steps to help prevent such a nightmare. Hydro-Jetting was invented and is utilized by professionals as the best possible means of cleaning and maintaining a sewer system. The commercial and restaurant industries have been using it for years. As frugal as many restaurants are, most see value in proper sewer cleaning to reduce having to shut the doors due to floods.

Hydro-Jetting uses high pressure water to scrub, scour and flush a sewer clean with no chemicals making it 100% eco-friendly.

You maintain your car by changing the oil, now maintain your home by cleaning the sewer. Don’t get flooded this year before Aunt Mary’s famous apple pie hits the table.

Written By: Aj S.