The Importance Of Water Treatment

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Homeowners and residents often take their water supply for granted. However, foul water could result in numerous problems. Therefore, home water treatment could prove critical especially in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

Associated Concerns with untreated water

Untreated water could possess a foul taste, contain illness-inducing contaminants, clog or damage water system components, and stain or soil clothing.

5 Benefits Of Water Treatment

Filtered water can have numerous benefits including:

Improved Aesthetic Quality

Water processed through a filtration system typically looks clearer and often smells better. These heightened aesthetic qualities could increase one’s desire to use said resource to drink, cook, bathe, and wash clothing.

Aesthetic issues are often precipitated by chemicals and pesticides placed into active water supplies. Usually, concentrations of said substances are not high enough to prove harmful. However, they can and often do exert a negative influence on water’s odor, appearance, and taste.

Reduced Toxin Infiltration

Optimal filtration systems are believed to possess the capacity to prevent thousands of potential ailment-precipitating toxins from penetrating a residence’s tap water. Many of these pathogens are capable of causing various gastrointestinal maladies. These diseases could be quite detrimental to the particularly young, old, or in those with compromised immune systems.

Strengthened Immune Systems

Researchers maintain that clean drinking water is vital to the health and strength of the human immune system. Immune system health is particularly crucial given the seemingly never ending barrage of Covid-19 waves.

Lessened Cancer Risk

Scientific studies have concluded that filtered and purified water might decrease an individual’s risk of developing certain types of cancer. Most filtration systems remove a chemical called chlorine. Researchers maintain that continued exposure to excessively high levels of this substance could heighten one’s risk of colon, bladder, and rectal malignancies.

Increased General Well-Being

Water is pertinent to nearly every bodily system. Ergo, drinking clean, purified water increases a person’s chances of possessing a healthier, more optimally-functioning body.

Reaching Out To Us

Our experienced water treatment professionals and plumbers working at Ben Franklin Plumbing possess extensive experience performing water treatments. Our team can provide an assessment of a residential or commercial property’s water system and help determine the most appropriate water treatment plan.

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