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Causes of Toilet Leaking

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A leaky toilet can be a huge headache. Not only does it increase your water bills, but it also damages the walls and floor in your bathroom, creating health hazards like mold. Furthermore, having a leaky toilet increases the likelihood of flooding or water damage to your home – especially in cases where there’s a basement.

Leaking inside your toilet may be due to a malfunctioning flush valve or flapper, but it could also be the result of cracks in either your tank or bowl. Although these cracks may not be visible at first glance, over time they will become more serious as flushing causes them to grow and expand.

Rusted pipes are another common culprit behind leaking toilets. They can rust due to various reasons, such as water exposure or inadequate maintenance. If you suspect a rusted pipe is the source of your toilet’s problem, call a plumber immediately for further assessment and remediation.

Loose or worn out seals are another common culprit of a leaky base. These waterproof wax seals bind your toilet to the floor and form an effective tight seal, but if one of your toilet’s seals has become loose or worn out, water may accumulate at its base and around its perimeter.

If your toilet bowl has a loose or worn-out wax seal, water cannot escape from the bowl and will pool on the floor below. To inspect for damage to this seal, take off the cap and tighten its bolts.

Alternately, you can add colored water to the tank and see if that helps pinpoint where the leak originates. Doing this will enable you to pinpoint the source of your issue without spending money on costly repairs.

If you notice that your toilet bowl and tank are leaking, you can try tightening up the bolts holding them together or replace the O-ring gasket between them. Over time, these bolts may become loose or rusted and if this is causing your leak, make sure they are tightened up to prevent future issues.

The most frequent cause of toilet leaks is an inadequate flush valve system or flapper. When closed, these parts should form a watertight seal but this can become damaged over time.

Constant leaks can be extremely irritating and make you feel uneasy. Furthermore, the flushing process exposes water to your skin and lungs, increasing the risk of infection.

If you think your toilet’s flapper or flush valve is the cause of your leak, contact a plumber to inspect and fix the problem. It may only take a moment, but getting plumbing professional help quickly is essential before the problem worsens.

You can call a Phoenix plumber to inspect the base of your toilet for leaks not coming from the tank or bowl. While this can be a challenging task, it’s often the most reliable way to pinpoint where your leak originated. If after checking these items and still no luck, then replacing your toilet may be necessary.

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