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“Do you know what faucets you have in your home and how to maintain them, if you dont you could be sending money right down the drain. Thi is Plumbing Maven Linda Stanfield of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, good to see you. I was so excited about this because this is a faucet lesson 101 and I need to know it because faucets are changing. They are so different.”

“Yes there are a few choices for in the bathroom faucets now, you have your standard faucet or you have your one single faucet. In the kitchen faucet you have choices now of two handles or you can also have a pullout faucet which people really like, or the high arch ones.

“Oh I know, I am really digging those high arch ones.”

“So how do we know Linda when we are looking at the faucets if we start needing repair or possibly replacement.”

“Thats really important because they can be expensive depending on which one you choose, and they really are very functional for you so you want to start making sure that you don’t have corrosion so if you start to see corrosion on it like this, or like this one here underneath, that means its already on the inside, there is something else inside corroding even more.”

“So if we’re seeing it on the outside it’s a sign that something is already wrong.”

“Yeah so you really want to pay attention to it early on before when it first starts.”…

Watch the video for more hints from Linda the Plumbing Maven at Ben Franklin Plumbing

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